Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Welcome to my NASA Space Camp Blog.

This Blog is to enable my past, present and future students to share my learning journey at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, where I will be involved in activities that NASA astronauts and support crews would experience in their training.

Firstly I wish to apologise to my own children, Connor, Curtis, Ciara, Casey and Cameron for not being able to take you with me...., but I will bring back some goodies for you (not the same I know!). I would also like to thank the  Nambour Rotary Club, Education Queensland’s Science and Engineering Education Centre and the University of the Sunshine Coast who has very kindly funded this amazing scholarship.

I am so looking forward to a packed week of excitement. Educator Academy is going to be the ultimate experience, and I can not wait to come back and bring the excitement of science into my past and future classrooms! The next time I launch rockets with my students, I want them to go off with a bang and not just a fizz!

Please feel free to comment or ask me questions throughout my week, remember to include your name, Year level and your school.

Mrs Butler 


  1. 7G at Talara Primary College wishes you a safe Blast Off! We look forward to following this exciting journey. (Casey's Class)

  2. Hi Ciara's mum ...

    8H at Meridan State College would like to wish you all the best for your trip.

    We will post some questions in the days to come.

    Travel safe!

    Ms. Keller and 8H

  3. From Lienna: glad you arrived safely, Sheva. Really hope you enjoy yourself and learn something too, which I'm sure you will. This is all very new to me and might not reach you, but at least I'm giving it a try. You could ask the astronaut what would be the subjects and pastimes a budding astronaut should study at school that would help him into the space program.

  4. Dear Mrs Butler

    What subjects would student need to work hard at - if they wanted to become an Astronaut.


    1. What a great question.

      In primary school all subjects are important. Don Thomas said that although he found learning difficult, he knew that he needed good grades if he wanted to realise his dream of being an Astronaut. In High School he knew that he would need to have strong grades in both Maths and Science.

      Future Astronauts will have a whole host of qualifications, with different specialists being needed to make new habitats on the moon, or and astroid or even on Mars. Now Don knows that he will never be one of the those Astronauts, but the guys who are in school now, such as those students at Talara, Meridan, Our Lady of the Rosary, Kawana and Unity, well any one of them could be a future Astronaut heading out to the stars.

      Try really hard in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths and we might see one of you guys out there!

  5. From Jacqueline in Wheaton, Illinois :

    Why did the Space Shuttle missions end? When did the last shuttle fly into space?

  6. The final space shuttle mission, STS-135, sadly ended July 21, 2011. America now has it eyes set on Mars and perhaps a station on an asteroid. The space shuttle missions ended due to money! It costs a lot of money to send a shuttle into space! So at the moment American Astronauts are car pooling or rocket pooling with Russian Cosmonauts, by hitching a ride! This still costs a lot of money!!!! $75,000,000


Any questions or comments that you would like to share......